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  1. What cities do you provide services to?

    We serve Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Georgetown,  Ancaster, Hamilton, Dundas, Waterdown, Stoney Creek, Binbrook, Grimsby, Winona, Vineland, Beamsville, Jordan, and St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Thorold, and Welland.

    For fine home residential cleaning we service Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Stoney Creek, Winona, and Grimsby.

  2. What are your service hours?

    Naturally Clean provides services Monday-Friday 9:00-19:00. We can offer occasional Saturdays. Additional charge may apply

  3. Do you have a privacy statement?

    Naturally Clean is committed to protecting your privacy. Any information that is obtained during a visit will not be mentioned to another client nor used in any manner not befitting of Naturally Clean Employment Standard policy.

  4. Safety

    Any keys that are provided to Naturally Clean will remain in the care of the owner at all times. Any alarm or safety codes will also remain in the care of the owner. Should you wish to let us into your home and not provide a key, please be aware that there is a half hour window for arrival. Many things can effect our schedules and we do not want to keep you waiting. It is recommended whether you're home or not to leave a key with our company.

  5. what is your cancellation policy?

    Any cancellations or re-scheduling must be completed one business day in advance of your reserved time frame. If Naturally Clean receives less than 24 hours notice, or we cannot access your home on the scheduled day of your cleaning, a cancellation fee of $50 will be charged

  6. Do you accept cheques?

    Naturally Clean accepts cash. Cheque, or online bank transfers prior to the cleaning for new clients. A $45.00 fee is applied to all returned cheques.


    For our regular clients any method of payment is accepted after the cleaning.

  7. Do you use bleach?

    We do not use bleach, nor do we bring bleach into your home. If your request that we use bleach in your home please supply us with a bottle and note that we do not take any liability on any damage that may be caused due to the use of bleach.

  8. Do you offer refunds?

    Because we offer a service and not a product, we do not offer refunds. Although, we do offer additional services to fix any dissatisfaction you may have had with our service. We can either arrange to come back same day (if permitting) or over the next couple days. Ultimately, your satisfaction is key to our success.

  9. Do you supply your own equipment and cleaners?

    The last thing we want is to bring other people's dirt into your home and for this reason Naturally Clean no longer provides a vacuum. Upon our arrival we ask you to leave your vacuum out for us.

    Cleaners we do provide.
  10. Do you offer any discounts for referrals?

    We know word of mouth is the best way of advertising so a 10% discount price will be offered to your next scheduled clean when we complete a job that was referred by you.

  11. Do you move furniture?

    Our cleaners are very important to us, and we are very serious about keeping them safe. Unless agreed upon before our visit Naturally Clean does not use ladders, or move anything heavier then 35 lbs. These types of activities put our cleaners in danger of back injury or could even damage your flooring. If you would like us to clean behind appliances like a refrigerator, oven, or sofa please move it prior to the cleaning to allow access to the desired area.

  12. Will you send the same cleaner every time?

    Yes we do like to send the same cleaner to your home every time. However, due to unforeseen circumstances this is not always possible but we do make every effort to do so.

  13. What if something gets damaged or scratched

    Our staff takes extra care with the items in your home. However, sometimes accidents can happen. If you notice something broken or scratched please contact us within 7 days of the clean and we will look into the situation.

    Naturally Clean is not responsible to replace or repair any lost, or damaged items.

  14. what if the cleaning ends early

    If you have been quoted by the hour, and naturally clean needs to end the cleaning early you are not charged for the full clean, just the hours we are there for. If a cleaning is cut short due to a client being tired or not willing to continue for any reason the full price of the cleaning is still charged. when we schedule a clean you are being quoted with a 'buy the hour rate' however if we schedule a clean for eight hours but we can finish in six hours, the amount of the full eight hours is still charged. We work very quickly and efficiently. Sometimes we work threw our lunch or breaks and are able to finish before scheduled.
  15. added or unexpected charges

    Typically we give quotes over the phone. When we speak with clients or social workers we expect to get the honest condition of a home to the best of there knowledge. Especially with homes that are hoarded this can be difficult because we cannot see the full details under the clutter, in drawers, or places that cannot be reached. Therefore, once in the home, if signs of rodents, bugs, feces of any kind, foul odor etc are discovered a $70.00 fee is added to the cleaning as this is considered a squalor clean. This charge is added as a fee to every cleaning until the squalor is cleaned up by us or the client themselves.
  16. What supplies are included for a hoarding clean?

    Naturally clean always brings a bucket with all purpose cleaner, windex, gloves, and garbage bags. We only supply ten garbage bags per home. If your home requires more we ask that you supply them. Also, if there is a lot of recycling or donations you will need to provide clear or blue bags. we recommend you have paper towels and magic eracers as well if you need a deep or intense cleaning. As we would love to supply all this for you, this is how we are able to keep our costs down. If these things cannot be purchased please inform us and we can provide these items at an extra charge.
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